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What is Data Analysis?

The data analysis is defined as the process of cleansing, transforming, and modeling the data to find useful information for making business decisions.

Whenever we make decisions in everyday life is to think about what happened last time or what would happen to choose a particular decision. You can know more about data analysis and reporting via

This is nothing but analyzing the past or the future and make decisions based on it. To that end, we collect the memories of the past or the future of our dreams.

So is none other than the data analysis. The same analysts now things are not for business purposes, called the Data Analysis.

Why Data analysis?

To grow your business grow even in your life, sometimes all you need to do is analysis!

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If your business is not growing, then you have to look back and admit your mistakes and make plans again without repeating mistakes.

And even if your business is growing, then you must be looking forward to make the business grow. All you need to do is to analyze your business data and business processes.

Data Analysis Tool

Data analysis tools allow users to process and manipulate the data, analyze relationships and correlations between data sets, and also helps to identify patterns and trends for interpretation. Here is a complete list of tools.

Type of Data Analysis: Techniques and Methods

There are several types of data analysis that is based on the business and technology. The main types of data analysis are:

  • text analysis
  • Statistic analysis
  • diagnostic analysis
  • predictive analysis
  • analysis prescriptive

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