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What Is Crowns and Bridgeworks Treatment?

Before the era of implants, crowns and grip is the best way to replace missing or partially missing tooth. It is still the best way to replace missing teeth implants for whatever reason can not be used. By using the existing tooth as a basis for reconstruction with a handle or a crown we have been able to return the tooth to normal function and appearance is normal too.

Take Crown is a single replacement unit for a single damaged tooth at For example, if the teeth were severely damaged over the years through the cracks and rot, crown will be needed to reconstruct the tooth. This will involve improving the basic and manufacture of customized crowns for teeth by the different materials that can mimic the appearance or function of the teeth, or both.

Metal crowns while not attractive in appearance only on the crown of the most durable in the world of dentistry. It has its uses in the back of the mouth where appearance is not important. Appearance no matter where we offer a hybrid crown made of thin metal base material and a covering of porcelain to mimic the appearance of the teeth.

 It has become the most common type of crown until the moment but new all ceramic crown has replaced the metal-porcelain crowns where the main aesthetic importance especially for the front teeth. Although not as powerful as various metal-porcelain, they are improving year by year but so are the costs.

Grip replaces the missing tooth is lost through previous extraction. They are built by combining two adjacent crown with gaps / missing teeth and combines them into an artificial replacement tooth into one unit.



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