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What Exactly Is Storm Water Management?

Whenever we experience excessive rainfall we immediately go on high alert because they are often accompanied by a catastrophic incident. The events include floods, landslides, spreading of diseases and damaging crops in the fields. This disastrous situation causes food shortages. Fortunately, stormwater management is the method against this disaster.

Stormwater management is the process of controlling the blizzard before it causes damage to us. Storm runoff usually occurs when there is no absorption by the soil due to various reasons. However, this will need to be drained properly and put in proper use wherever possible. To know more about stormwater and drainage visit

The water is then required to be treated in order to avoid the danger of contaminating the other major sources. This process helps to protect the atmosphere by preventing these pollutants from finding their way into underground sources and other bodies like rivers and streams.

The excess also causes marine life to erode, distorting the river's course. Most cases of rivers breaking their river banks are a result of this runoff. The construction of retention ponds to manage polluted blizzard drainages is an adequate method that is used all over the world to counter this disaster.

Though there are man-made solutions towards these problems human activity has also been cited as a major contributor to this menace. The lack of proper guidelines in the construction industry and poor drainage systems are known to contribute a lot towards storm runoff rising above controllable levels.

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