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Use Of Organic Garden Insecticides

Finding natural organic garden insecticides to clean your yard of pesky diggers is simple and straightforward.

Growing your own organic garden is beneficial, saves money, and is healthier for our family and the environment. Protecting your garden from plant pests with organic garden insecticides is just as important. You can get more knowledge about organic gardening insecticides for your garden.

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There are many things you have to keep pests away in your garden and you can use them as organic insecticides.

1. Eggshells are a great way to deter snails. Crack the eggshells and spread them around your plants and/or on the soil. Eggshells like broken glass to the resin. Use eggshells in your garden and there will be no more snails.

2. Dishwashing detergent is another household item that you can use as an organic insecticide. Combine dish detergent with water and mix well. Spray your mixture and it will paralyze the pests that eat your organic garden.

3. Garlic is a great organic garden insecticide, actually called allium, a smelly, onion-like plant. You can grease garlic, mix it with water, and spray your plants. Spraying your plants with this garlic mixture will kill soft-bodied insects and even knock out flying insects.

There are many organic insecticides you can buy that are environmentally friendly for you and your family.

Natural garden insecticides from neem are used as one of the main ingredients in natural insecticides. Neem comes from the neem tree and is a very low toxic insecticide. Neem destroys soft body insects and also helps improve the reproduction of your plants.


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