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Tips to Finding Your Perfect Custom-Made Dress Shirt

Nowadays, our busy schedules do not always allow us to shop in stores for shirts; However, to save time, we went straight to our computers, and find a tailor online. Shopping on the web easily and quickly, but before you go shopping, you have to figure out what you want. Here are six of our tips to find the perfect shirt for you.

1. Consider "where" you will wear your custom-made shirt. Whether it's an office, a date or a weekend? It's important to think about where you will go with the shirt that made this, because you have to match your outfit and the situation. You can explore for buying the best custom made shirt.

2. We suggest that you select the right fabric, in this way, you will feel comfortable. Cotton or cotton-poly fabric are great for all seasons, but fabrics like wool should only be charged in winter.

3. How much "time" do you want to spend maintaining your custom-made shirt? Do you wash your clothes with care, or iron, or maybe you prefer to get your shirt dry cleaned?  

4. Your best looks easy, buy tailor made shirts that accentuate your best features. Depending on your body type, select the proper fit, type of collar, folds back and cuff styles. Make sure the arms are not too long or too tight torso.

5. Know the colours and patterns. It is really based on your preferences. For something hip and trendy, try a plaid shirt; But if you prefer something more classic and versatile, try stripes. Checks are also a good option if you want something in between, just be careful of the size of the pattern.

Eunice Bryan

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