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The 3 Things Employers Needs To Know About Hiring Veterans

Veterans are among the most highly qualified candidates in today's workforce. They have skills that cannot be learned: leadership, innovation, a teamwork mentality, focus, and self-management. They are very punctual and responsible and they can help others to make a better society.

According to Chad Sorely, author of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader, this skill is not very important because it can be taught openly. You can consider the best career options of veterans via there's one thing veterans have proven in their careers, it's that they are very trainable.

  • Note three things when you expand your veteran work

Find hidden skills. At first glance, it seems like a quality sniper and software engineer has nothing in common. So, if you're picking up a veteran resume that lists sniper experience – but nothing essential about the software – you might be tempted to ditch it.

Translate the experiences of veterans. There is a difference between the language used by soldiers in the military and the language spoken by American companies. Veterans are not the only ones who need to translate military language into civilian language. Entrepreneurs often focus too much on military ranks, branches, and occupations. However, this is only part of the equation

Challenge veterans like the military Identify small projects your veterans can work on. Veterans can have positive work experiences from a young age. Remember to check in frequently and provide feedback – most veterans have learned the value of ratings from their military experience. When a small project is mastered, you increase the scope and responsibilities of the project you assign. Every veteran should feel like an integral part of the team and an asset to the company. Remember, the irreplaceable work ethic you learned in the army.

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