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Know About Solar Pool Covers

Conventional solar coatings range from the thinnest 200-micron materials commonly used for spray pool covers to 400 microns and even 500 microns.

Available colors range from simple blue to reflective blue, black, and hot at the top and silver at the bottom. Silver floor coatings keep the heat in the water more effective because it is reflected back into the water and not lost into the air by convection. You can also buy pool enclosures made in Canada & retractable pool covers.

This new type of fabric will be available online. Made by Plastipack after 5 years of intensive research, this fabric is Geobubble. Geobubble was developed with the help of two leading universities and corrected the weaknesses of traditional bubbles.

A new bubble shape has been developed so that all the edges are rounded. Conventional bubbles have sharp edges and corners, and plastic in this area is thin.

Without thin spots and all-round edges, it can be expected that new bubbles will last at least 25% longer. In the new Geobubble, the bubbles are 50% thicker at the traditional weak spot. The new Geobubble is available as Platinum +, which reflects silver, and as a transparent SolGuard, which maximizes solar profit.

At the same time, it increases water temperature to 8 ° C and reduces waste pollution. The sun-protective cover consists of a heavy "bubble wrap" mode. It differs from typical bubble wrap because it is denser and contains chemical inhibitors to delay the damage of ultraviolet rays and chlorine attack.