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Qualities of a Good Wine Cellar

A cellar is a storage area for wine in barrels or bottles and is normally built underground. It is a necessity in a quality winery to provide a favorable environment to ensure that the wines stored there remain fresh even after many years of storage. This means that the temperature and humidity in the cellar must be regulated to levels that allow the wines to age slowly and develop complexity.

If a cellar is built on the ground it could best be described as a wine room and if it contains less than 500 bottles and is above ground it could be identified as a wine cabinet. The main objective of building a winery is to protect the wine from environmental factors that will compromise the quality of the wine. If you are looking for a wine cellar, you may visit Papro Wine Cellars & Consulting.

Factors such as light, high temperature, or low humidity will affect the wine adversely. Wine is a living being that must be protected from fluctuations in temperature, heat, and light, as well as vibrations. With proper storage, wine not only maintains its freshness but also improves the quality of its aroma, complexity, and flavor.

Therefore, a quality winery must not only maintain the vitality of the wine but also enhance it. The proper temperature in a cellar should be between 13 and 18 degrees C and should be free of vibrations. If temperatures change from season to season, it should vary by less than 10 degrees C. 

For centuries, the French have stored their wines in underground caves at these temperatures and this is how people measure the temperature level for wine storage. To ensure that the final product has the qualities of a well-matured wine, temperatures should not exceed 18 degrees C, as the wine will mature too quickly. Wines that ripen too quickly will often taste more vinegar and will not have the refined, delicious taste of good wine.