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Know About Citadel Miniature Paints

Citadel Miniatures is a company that produces metal, plastic, and resin miniature figures for tabletop war games like Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. In the past, it was a separate company but today it has become a well-known brand for game workshop miniatures. The figures are used for wargaming hobbies as well as painting.

Let us go through the history of Citadel Miniatures. It was formed as a part of the British game company in early 1979. If you want to purchase citadel paints online, then you can simply go to this website.

Manufacturers and Bryan Ansell have jointly worked to keep a pace that creates a range of figurines. They usually create fantasy characters from dwarf to elves. They have added a new type of war game called figures of history.

Miniature originally produced or created by using a white metal alloy that includes lead and in 1987 they began to produce hard plastic figures. The Company continues to produce it from the white metal but they used to run large plastic or command. Some models have different combinations of materials.

Most models that you can buy from Citadel Miniatures require you to build your own after the purchase. When attaching, usually involving guns, weapons and base made larger and require more construction effort.

It is lightweight, durable and can be just as some metals. It did not last long because a lot of people showed that he had a lot of defects or deficiencies such as bending arms and the lack of paint.