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Which Kitchen Trash Cans Are Best?

Which kitchen trash can you choose? Which style will suit your kitchen best? What will you use it for? In this article I will discuss a few things you should think about when choosing kitchen trash cans as reviewed on

* The Best Overall Trash Cans: T Méliger Two Handle, tall, and with lock. This is by far the best kitchen trash cans reviewed by most reviewers. It has an insulated interior that keeps foods cool from the elements, and it also comes with two handles so it's easy to carry. The price is reasonable as well.

* Two Step Can Workshops: These trash cans are made out of heavy-duty PVC and have been tested and found to fit any kitchen space perfectly. You can roll it down, push it up, or fold it in half to fit in tight corners and many more creative uses. I was surprised at how much easier it was to clean this, because it's one of those simple conveniences of life that we take for granted, until it's broken and doesn't do its job. These step cans are tested for puncture resistance and have an interior that is reinforced to protect against breakage, but they're not tested for being break resistant against heat so be sure to buy the appropriate cans for where you might use it.

* Lidless Lids: One reviewer said these lids were great, but only tested for scraping food and not being able to be resealed, so they're not as good as the standard plastic bags with lids. The biggest problem was breaking the seal between the lids. However, if you're the type of person who likes to scrape everything, then these might be perfect for you. The problem I ran into was trying to get them open while standing on a stairwell, which is why this isn't rated very highly.

* Solid Stainless Steel Vs Plastic: Another reviewer didn't like the plastic handles of the stainless steel kitchen trash cans. In her tests, she found they easily broke. She mentioned that she had bought these for a kitchen island and they would normally be rated higher for strength, durability, and usability, but not this time. She mentioned that some of the models even had metal inserts which would make them great for crushing, but again, not strong enough to last a kitchen demolitionist's schedule. She did, however, love how durable the solid steel handles were, though, so if that's something you want in your project, these might be the way to go.

* Touch-tops: This category includes both automatic trash cans and touch-top can alternatives. The touch-tops come in a variety of styles and sizes with one touch-top being a standard size and two touch-tops being larger. In her tests, however, one lady actually expressed concern about how easy it was to open and close the lid on her brand new touch-top. Other people mentioned that they were easy to open but difficult to close, so it's a trade-off. It seems like a hard call.