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Sponsoring Spouse To Canada – Pathways & Process

People usually consider immigrating to countries like Canada with their families. The reason is simple. With their excellent quality of life and excellent security, everyone will consider immigrating to Canada with their partner.

Canadian authorities are working on it!

Canadian immigration laws encourage skilled people to move here. Canada is also taking steps to ensure that foreigners who come to Canada have the opportunity to call their families in Canada. This is why they have a family sponsor visa. In the case of spouses, a possible spousal sponsorship appeal program should be considered. This program is specially designed for sponsoring couples. It should be noted that you must be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen to sponsor your spouse.

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Understand the process of sponsoring a partner:

There are two options for sponsorship and they are located overseas and inland. In external format, your husband must live outside Canada. However, this does not mean that your partner cannot enter Canada when processing the application. Your spouse can come to Canada on a visitor visa. Simply put, if you intend to apply under this system, your partner is probably a Canadian visitor but not a resident of Canada. It should be noted that visa processing can take about a year. 

During this time, your partner can come and go to Canada as often as they want. However, a visitor visa must be valid for this. If your application is rejected, you can lodge a complaint with the Immigration and Refugees Council of Canada (IRB). Applicants also have the option of an internal application. It's not as easy as third-party applications.