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Plastic And Shrink Wrapping

Wrapping the product is different from the product packaging, it is essentially what happens during product package and provide extra protection, structure and assist in the delivery and distribution.

Plastic wrap used for foods to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. The same type of material (made of PVC) can be used to wrap and protect other kinds of products and materials.

Shrink wrap is a type of material made of polymer plastic films used for tightly enclosing the product or other material. It is applied using heat, and in the process, it shrinks tightly over whatever cover. If you want to know more about shrink wrapping, then you can also visit

Shrink wrap can be used for a variety of products. It is commonly used for wrapping books, magazines, primarily adult-oriented, to prevent them from being read by minors. All kinds of box bring a CD, DVD or other technology-related items can be packaged with plastic wrap.

Shrink wrapping can be used as the overwrap in cartoons, boxes, cans of drinks, food and pallet rolls. Bulk mail-outs can be shrink wrapped before being sent to protect e-mail from being damaged.

To summarize, shrink wrapping is a cost-effective method for sealing and protecting the product from contamination, moisture, and grease, with the added benefit of security against theft and tampering.

An overwrap is kind of wrapping applied over the original packet is most often made of plastic or paper. Shrink wrapping can be used as a kind of overwrap, but not necessarily.

An overwrap has many functions some of which are: to combine products that are smaller in a larger package, called multi-pack; kept clean package while staying transparent; make-out letters and magazines clean during shipping, provide for an address label without damaging the item.