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What Is Self Managed Super Funds?

There are many reasons why people may decide to create a self-managed super fund. These reasons include mainly that you have complete control and flexibility in terms of aspects such as investment decisions, it is also easy and works very cost-effective in estate planning.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind however when it comes to what comprises a set and ongoing operations, we as individuals play an important role in the financial decisions. In addition to this you also responsible for the legal management, accounting, and compliance responsibilities of the fund. You can also get help via for the management of the finances of your business.

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There are however a number of requirements that you must meet as regards the establishment of a super fund borrowing, for starters, you must ensure that it has four or fewer members, and each member of the fund is actually a trustee.

In addition to this, it is essential that you ensure that no member of the fund is an employee of another member of the fund, with one exception, that is if they are related. It is also vital that no trustee of the fund receives a payment or pay for the service they provide.

As I mentioned earlier, the establishment of such funds can be very time consuming, but can also be expensive, the reason is the fact that there are many costs involved in managing a through legal, accounting and compliance fees.

If you hope to set up this type of fund it is generally advised that you have around $ 20,000 to use for this. This money will not only help you set it up but also helping aspects such as current investments, economy, and changes in legislation.