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A Great Grand Canyon Adventure

The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons on earth with a length of 446km. It is also 1.6km deep and 29km broad – a scale that is difficult to imagine until you really see the canyon for yourself.

The Grand Canyon has an extremely long history behind it. You may know the best rafting through the grand canyon via .

rafting through the grand canyon

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It was formed within a span of 6 million years when the Colorado River – which extends from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of California –  a long period of geological activity, leading to erosion.

As a result, experts have analyzed the flat geological strata in the stone of the canyon and found that they cover some two billion years of history in total, including the late Precambrian, Palaeozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras.

If you choose to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, then you're likely to have the experience of a lifetime. Aside from white water rafting, there's much else to see and do in the Grand Canyon. 

Guided tours and interpretive ranger programs take place frequently to educate the public about the wonders of the canyon, even though a range of special events will also be penciled in throughout the year.

One of the greatest things to do when visiting the Grand Canyon is to check the sunrise and sunset times and take the wonderful views afforded over the rims of the gorge as the sun dips in or out of view.