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Discover The Importance Of Prison Shuttles

Prisons will sometimes transport some of their prisoners to another jailhouse or location for various reasons. Some are considered high profile that they need to be escorted to a maximum penitentiary. Transporting convicts one by one is a lengthy procedure and it will become a hassle for the drivers and escort service. Therefore, to minimize the time in relocating the inmates, it will need prison shuttles in Detroit.

A transport vehicle or commonly known as meat wagon is a retrofitted or specifically designed vehicle that is usually a bus or van that is being sued to relocate prisoners form one area to another. These vehicles are highly classified and must be secured by attendant at all times. They have additional security features such as wire mesh that is installed at the windows, additional seating for personnel, segregated compartments and bulletproof glass.

The best thing about shuttles is that it can transfer a huge number of people in one go. Individuals who are going to be transported to another secured area can be accommodated with the right amount of security personnel in the carriage as well. Due to its capacity, prisoners will be transported in just a short amount of time.

The vehicle itself is equipped with the latest and newest trends of technologies. They have GPS or global positioning system, radio communications, additional weapons and restraints and emergency equipment. To provide more additional security, the prisoners would be restraint throughout the entire time. They will be handcuffed or physically being secured to the car.

This particular vehicle is being specifically designed to withstand bullets in case of an attack. High profile inmates who are likely to escape cannot do it due to the added security and additional restraints in their wrist and legs. However, outside attack is still a threat therefore escort officers are being added during the transport.

Back in the days, police officers can only transport inmates in just a few people for one go. They do not have the luxury to make the others wait because this is a crucial time for them to relocate them to a more secured area. To ensure that the prisoners will reach the area safe and sound, a transport vehicle must be tightly secured.

Buses are more comfortable than vans. This is because it can accommodate a lot of people in one transport. There would be no need for second trips but instead, new people will be relocated to another destination. Due to this advantage, many penitentiaries are using buses as their services.

Transporting inmates to another destination is a very dangerous and difficult process. There are many things that must be taken into caution especially if the inmate is high profiled. Something might happen in just an instant that is why an escort is very crucial in maintaining the transports safety.

Transporting inmates must be done securely to avoid any dangers. Vehicles must be properly secured and every transport must have a lot of attendant to deter any potential attacks. With the right type of automobile or bus, it will make the travel more efficiently.