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Benefits Of Child Immunization Explained

The widely-propagated immunization program is based on the principle that "Prevention is better than treatment". It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. The vaccines not only protect the ones who have received the dose but also the non-vaccinated. 

Children who have been vaccinated according to the immunization schedule are more resistant to potentially life-threatening diseases. Even if your child is breastfed, the importance of immunization remains constant. You can know more about the process of child immunization via

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Although the immunity-boosting antibodies in your milk are vital, they don't last more than one year. Additionally, maternal immunization cannot be used to prevent more serious diseases such as whooping cough or polio, which can also be extremely contagious. Because of the importance of immunization, some fatal diseases such as smallpox have almost been eradicated.

The entire immunization program focuses mainly on eliminating diseases like Tetanus (hepatitis), whooping cough, pertussis or rubella (German measles), Polio and mumps. Some vaccines are effective for the entire child's life, while others may need to be given multiple times. The human body becomes a battlefield between the disease-causing organisms (antigens), and the protectors, the antibodies. 

The body quickly produces antibodies that fight the invaders and destroy them. Vaccines are the reduced or eliminated form of pathogens that cause particular diseases. These bacteria and viruses don't cause any harm once they are inside your body. These antibodies are then active for a lifetime or less depending on which vaccine was used.

Side-effects such as rash or fever can make babies feel irritable. Your baby will be able to tolerate the recommended doses of simple medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Although vaccine safety is sometimes questioned, there are many benefits to child immunizations.