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How to Use Natural Light in a Lensball Photography?

Lensball photography is an art. One of the most important factors for lensball photography is light and light quality. So when you take your lensball in high-quality light you tend to create art that is subjectively designed for photography. 

The time to focus on the most important factor needed in lensball photography: light quality. You need to know about how light works and how it moves on Lensball Mini tool. 

If you are serious about photography and want to hone your photography skills, you can take better portrait or landscape photos if you take the time to observe and see the mechanism of natural light slowly. 

Artists, painters, and master photographers study light. They are trained to see subtle changes in shadows and light from sunlight because there is nothing comparable to seeing how sunlight changes its color and thus moves and changes the landscape. 

Natural sunlight directly from the window source increases the saturated color but can leave sharp accents during exposure. The natural light that spreads from the window brings a more natural color and softer angle to your lensball with less accent or lighting problems.

It is an effective way to observe how natural window light bends and shapes your lensball. An important observation here is that you see the difference in accents and shadows indirect or diffuse natural light.  

You can take multiple shots at different positions and with different exposures as it should work well with a 60mm and 80mm lensball by giving a refraction image on the camera. It is the best way to get a great shoot in sunlight with lensball photography.