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Best Healthy Indian Food Dishes!

An Indian meal can be healthy, just be careful what you choose when going to an Indian restaurant. Indian food become so popular that chefs start serving traditional indian cuisine with a fusion twist.  If you eat Indian food regularly then begin to choose healthier options. Here are some suggestions for lighter alternatives.

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To begin instead of choosing samosas or pakoras which are deep-fried, go for things like grilled papodums. 

For the main course, you can choose a vegetable curry, when you order for it, ask to be cooked in vegetable oil instead of ghee. You can also have lentils known as dhal. Make sure that these dishes are not cooked with creamy sauce. If you want to eat meat dishes, tikka masala or tandoori meat are good choices. This meat is baked.

Make sure there are no added cream tikka masala. If you have rice then have some cooked rice steamed instead of biryani or pulao. 

Choose naan or chapati on paranthas or puris. These rolls are typically fried. Be sure to ask the naan or chapati to keep it simple. All Indian desserts are high in sugar and fat like most other desserts. If you must have dessert, so make sure it is only a small part.