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Flatweave Rugs Are The Perfect Transitional Pieces

Even though it's always under your feet and only occasionally passes out, carpet is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of home decor. Carpets have been an essential part of home decor for more than a century.

Both decorative and functional rugs are the culmination of all room shapes and types for cultures from around the world. A flat-woven area rug is any rug that is made without knots. In contrast, parallel fibers, which cover the length of the carpet (warp) and the length of the weft (weft), form the entire surface of the carpet.

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Flat webbing is a popular technique used to make several rugs, including some of the most popular and fashionable rug styles in contemporary design. There are much older styles such as chain stitch rugs, embroidered rugs, Aubusson weaves, and hook rugs.

And if you haven't heard too much, don't feel bad about yourself. Flat-woven rugs, apart from their striking beauty, offer several advantages, both functional and aesthetic, which make them a preferred decoration.

If you've ever rolled up a large rug and tried to move it, you know it's going to get heavy fast. It becomes a bigger task when there is furniture on your rug. On the other hand, flat-woven rugs have a lightweight construction so they are easy to move, so they can be easily removed or replaced by lengthening them.