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How To Feng Shui Your Cubicle For Career Success?

Corporations don't necessarily design cubicles for success, unfortunately. Many cubicle-dwelling employees feel stuck, exposed, persecuted or unable to advance in their careers.

But you can use Feng Shui to make yourself more comfortable in your cubicle and enhance your career success until you finally move into that corner office you desire. You can get the information regarding feng shui for health via

Command position

Most cubicle layouts force the occupant to sit with his back to the cubicle entrance. You can place yourself in the command position, instead, by placing a mirror in front of you. This lets you see behind you, so you can see what's coming at you – in your life and your career.

Under your desk

Space is at a premium in cubicles, so people often use the area under their feet for storage. You may have your computer tower, a tangle of power cords and maybe even boxes, bags and an extra pair of shoes under your desk. Remove these items if possible, organize anything that's left. Can you store your personal belongings in a drawer, or leave them in your car?

At the very least, make sure the area directly below your feet is clear. You should be able to sit straight when you view your computer screen. Sitting an angle can cause numerous health issues.