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How to Turn Your Scruffy Shed Into an Impressive Guest House

Do you feel as if you need extra room to ‘store’ your loved ones? Whether you have relatives staying over regularly, grown children, or friends, you could always consider converting your storage shed into a guest room! If it already has a roof, walls, and floor then you’re on to a winner. Just about any scruffy shed can be transformed into an impressive guest house with the right equipment and knowledge. Some storage sheds are as big as small apartments, so in that case, you can even add a small bathroom and kitchen! It’s a good idea to consider your design before going ahead with the renovation process, so consider the kind of look you’re after. This will help you to know what purchases you need, and the purchases you could do without.

The Basics

Before you start any renovating, it’s important that you check with your local building department to make sure you can carry out the conversion. Depending on the work you plan to do, you might need several permits. In some cases, you might not be able to install toilet facilities, even if you have the room to do so as there could be restrictions. This is because the building would then because a detached living unit, and it’s rare for two living units to be allowed on one piece of property. Make sure you know the rules and regulations!

The Essentials

You’ll need to incorporate electrical wiring throughout the shed. Although a lot of sheds already contain wiring for a light, a guesthouse will need several outlets to become an impressive place to stay, rather than a dingy shack. If your shed is lacking windows, you should plan to install at least one. Two windows placed opposite one another will be most effective, as they allow natural light and the movement of air. You might also consider purchasing an air conditioner for the hot summer days, and a heater for cold winter months. Plumbing pipes should be run before installation. Insulation will be needed in the walls and ceiling. Once you’ve covered the electrical, plumbing, and insulation aspects of your new guest house, you can then close up the walls and ceiling with paneling.

Optional Aspects

As mentioned before, you might like to install a bathroom or kitchen into your guesthouse. These will require a water supply as well as a way to discharge into your septic system or sewage system. Your guests will even appreciate a small, simple refrigerator to keep drinks and snacks cold! You can click here to get more information about it.

Finishing Up

You can now have fun with your guesthouse, and personalize it with furniture and accessories. You can find some lovely things on the Chesterfield Sofa! Buying furniture that kills 2 birds with 1 stone, like a sofa bed, is a great idea as this saves space. Try to make it feel homely by adding little treasures and trinkets. Create a focal point by using color and art too, so it looks professionally decorated!

Now your loved ones can stay over in your new guest house, they’ll never want to leave!