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Design And Controller Of Parrot Anafi Drone


The Parrot Anafi drone is very small: When stored, the unmanned aircraft suited to the case, including that only 10.8 x 3.5 x 3 lengths – about the mass of a water jar. The controller does not fit with this case, but is also small, folding in only 6 x 3.7 x 3 inches. 

With the combined strong case for unmanned aircraft, the mixture weighs only 2 pounds, delivering it significantly shorter and lighter than the Mavic Air and Pro. You can check the latest Parrot Anafi review at

The camera can rotate both down and up, so you can take pictures from the ground, as your photo on a bridge, while the drone floats beneath. In front of the body, a Parrot Anafi drone is a camera, a white ball that is mounted in a small, three-axis gimbal that allows it to rotate, tilt, and change. 

At the rear of the body of the drone is a large, 2,700-mAh lithium-ion collection that trims firmly into place. including a 16GB microSD card that stores photos and videos fit underneath the battery.


Parrot Anafi drone is a compact controller but rather lumpy looks, and it seems rather odd next to the thin drone itself. Drone is well-designed, though, fits well into the hand and offers a lot of controls, including standard two administration cues and arm badges and levers to regulate the video, gimbal angle, and digital zoom points.

Detailed Analysis Of Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

The detailed analysis of Yuneec Mantis Q drone are:

Design and portability

True to follow the trend of an ultra-portable drone as Mantis Q drone comes with arms and propellers that fold inward. Mantis Q is among the lightest foldable popular drones. You can check the latest drone review from Dronetownco. Yuneec took the source of ultra-portability that is one step further which includes a control that folds inward.



Mantis Q does not have built-in storage capacity, but instead a microSD card slot on the side. The drone beam is included with a MicroSD card of 16 GB which should be enough to store about 40 minutes of video or up to 4K 100 minutes of video 1080p. 


Mantis Q comprises a camera with a  sensor that can capture still images and 12.9 MP 4K video at 30 fps. 

Remote control

Mantis Q comes with a simple remote control that sticks to a minimalist and classic design. It has a key function back home, as well as separate dynamic switches to capture an image or start recording video. 


The Mantis Q  drone has a 2800 mAh Li-Po battery. According to Yuneec, this series can maintain a flight of up to 33 minutes. This is a very good value considering how little and light the Mantis Q is.

Flight performance

Mantis Q comes with good modes. It has also gestural commands, such as waving a hand to capture a selfie.

Therefore it has some nice features and certainly managed to maintain a lightweight and compact design.