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Why Small Businesses Need Their Own Mobile Apps

In an increasingly competitive market, local small and medium enterprises are struggling even harder to sell. The goal is to attract new customers and keep old ones coming back. 

To understand the potential power of a specialized notifications app for your business. Mobile apps can give your business the same competitive edge.

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There are some statistics you need to know about mobile devices and mobile apps:

It is estimated that more than 100 billion mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are active.

40% of all cell phones are smartphones (which can be used to launch apps) and this percentage is increasing every year 80% (about 250 million) own a cell phone. There are about four times as many cell phone owners as computers and laptops combined 97% of push notifications are opened and read.

The average smartphone user is within 3 feet of their device for 23 hours a day As you can see, the current number of smartphone owners is astounding (not to mention the growth over the next 2 years). 

These users are always near or on their devices as opposed to a computer. With a potential customer base connecting to the app almost instantly.

A restaurant can only send notifications on Tuesdays that there is a special offer. As it turns out, Tuesday is the slowest day for this restaurant and now they have a way to fill their seats with instant contact with their customers.

There's been a shift from home computers/laptops to mobile devices that you can use now. You can push the wave of mobile apps to more customers and ultimately more profits.