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Top 3D Laser crystal Engraving Designs for a Unique & Personalized Graduation Gift

A laser-engraved crystal makes a unique graduation gift. This is a great way to honor and recognize the achievements of your graduate. These are the best laser engraving designs for unique graduation gifts.

It is made of glass that has engraving inside. It creates the illusion of a floating image by engraving inside. This is really amazing.Beautiful 3D Laser crystal engraving can be used as an award for special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, etc.

These are few great engraving ideas for graduation gifts if you have difficulty designing the engraving.

1. Let's start with the most common design used for graduation. This is simply a combination of the graduation date, year, and name.

 2. You can add poetry, dedication, or a famous quote to the graduation portrait. You just added a personal touch to the graduation gift, making it more meaningful and special. Isn't that great?

3. A laser-engraved crystal award may be created for the graduate. To make your award more realistic, you might get the logo of the school to which the graduate belongs. 

4. A crystal greeting card is another great laser engraving option for unique graduation gifts. 

5. A replica of the yearbook is a great idea for unique graduation gifts. It was difficult to say goodbye to friends when I graduated high school. This special bond can be preserved with laser-engraved crystals. 

These engravings are easy and simple to make. You will be a hit with the gift recipient who receives a laser-engraved crystal gift.