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Climate And Weather Effects On Contact Lenses

There are many factors to consider when someone thinks of switching from glasses to contact lenses. Even if you need a corrective lens for the first time and are considering directly using contact lenses, you must do your homework first to be ready for a series of decisions that you have to make regarding what type of contact lenses to wear and what type of routine care and maintenance will be needed.

You can navigate to if you want to buy contact lenses online or you can also visit your nearby stores. In all cases, both will go hand in hand. You can choose from Permeable Rigid Gas lenses, Toric lenses, vial lenses or soft contact lenses. Before doing so, you must learn the difference between each type of lens and what it means to you personally.

Dust and Corrective Contact Lenses

So far, the most uncomfortable climatic conditions for wearers of contact lenses are dust that flies in the air due to the wind that kicks the ground. Many contact lens wearers will agree that dust is the most uncomfortable weather condition.

Dry Heat and Your Contact

In arid climatic conditions like those experienced in deserts throughout the United States, keeping your contact lenses moist can be a challenge. What happens is that heat and dry air work together to suck the cooling moisture that is naturally provided by your eyes to contact lenses. While the effects of dry heat on your eyes and contact lenses will not be intolerable, many contact lens users find that the application of repeated drops is very effective in restoring comfort.