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Choose Different Types of Indian Sarees

Sarees have been part of Indian culture. This piece of cloth, 5 to 9 meters long, does not require any stitches or changes, when wrapped around the body shows the beauty of a woman with the dignity of a goddess. For centuries, women have been wearing sarees in various ways.

Starting from one end that wraps it twice around the waist and brings the other end to cover the upper part of the body and the pallav hanging on the left shoulder is the ancient and most common way of draping sarees. If you want to purchase an indian saree blouse then you can explore

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However, this varies between society and culture. Gujaratis and Rajasthani prefer to wrap the saree to the right shoulder or front pallav style. Bangalis hung the saree on the left shoulder and then carried the loose end of the pallav on his right shoulder from back to front.

Marathi wraps the saree in the kaashtha style. While in the village women prefer to wrap saree with dhoti style. Indian tradition always prefers sarees to any clothes.

In older times, married women are expected to cover their heads and faces with pallav, as a symbol of respect for the elders and also to hide their faces from other men except for their husbands, who appreciate their virtues.