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Selecting The Right Childbirth Classes

Although only about 25% of women follow childbirth education classes during their pregnancy, their value is immeasurable. Childbirth classes teach parents what to expect and how to cope with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

These classes are excellent for the suppression of fear and help parents to gather opinions on the type of birth experience they want to have. Just as it is important to find the right care provider during pregnancy, it is also important to find a childbirth education class that corresponds to a point of view of staff regarding birth.

best hypnobirthing online course

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Hospital Classes

Hospital classes are often taught by teachers who are certified by Lamaze, Bradley, or Birthing from within. However, certification is not a requirement and some hospitals are opting rather hire a nurse from labor and delivery that may or may not have specific training in natural childbirth.

These classes are inexpensive and of short duration and are much better than not taking anything. However, some couples feeling up to these classes do not prepare properly for the big day.


Hypnobirthing teaches women self-hypnosis techniques to bear the pain and discomfort of labor and delivery. HypnoBirthing classes and doula certified HypnoBirthing are growing in popularity. Hypnobirthing is best suited for women who want a quiet, meditative, and delivery without drugs.