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Exotic Breads For Around The World

There is nothing quite like the exotic sliced bread. Bread has worked its way into almost every culture on Earth, but each country takes the original concept in a totally different way.

Exotic bread is a fun thing to try; it was interesting to see what different cultures have come up with and the materials they use. Here are some examples of exotic bread.

Crumpet: A griddle cake that was originated in Europe. It is known for the iconic form, be flat and thick, with rounded edges and poured on the surface. There are several crumpet manufacturers around the world.

Anpan: A sweet bun that originated in Japan. It is usually filled with red bean paste.

Bammy: A flatbread from the island of Jamaica. Some of the ingredients include coconut oil and coconut milk.

Bing: A flatbread that originated in China. The style is very reminiscent of the tortilla. The main difference is that it is much thicker.

Cottage Loaf: A toast of Britain called primarily to an odd shape. The bread is made by mashing together the dough balls of various sizes, producing bread in the rough shape of a hut.

Croissant: A French bread that has become quite common in other countries for years. It is made by rolling a triangular piece into the shape of a horn or crescent. It can come in different versions like creatures filled with sweets such as chocolate or savory filling such as cheese.