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Adding Salt To Freshwater Aquarium

The practice of adding salt to a freshwater aquarium has been around for a long time. There are several reasons why aquarium salt is added to freshwater tanks, including medication, and creating a natural environment for fish that is normally found in brackish water.

Before adding salt to your freshwater aquarium, understand the reasons behind it. The red sea salt mix is good for your fish tank.

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Many popular types of aquarium fish come from salty areas, such as rivers foraging in the sea. In this case, adding salt to the aquarium means reproducing its natural habitat by creating quality water, which is one of the typical options for fresh and saltwater tanks.

Known as "salty", achieving optimal salinity for this fish species requires knowledge of your fish species' natural environment, as salt requirements can vary widely, even with salted fish. You can even buy various aquarium salt online through Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies

Many fish species are not salted but still benefit from a little salt in their water. Salt can reduce stress on goldfish, African cichlids, and most live carriers such as mollies, platys, guppies, and swordtails.

If you are using salt for stress relief, the recommended dosage is one to two tablespoons to ten gallons of water. The use of salt in freshwater aquariums is very common in fish that have lost a lot of scales.

When treating freshwater fish with salt, you should carefully monitor the fish for signs of stress and, if necessary, return them to a completely freshwater environment.

When should you avoid adding salt to your aquarium? If your aquarium has live plants, avoid salt as relatively low salt levels can easily damage plants. Abandoned fish are very sensitive to salt, as are several other fish species, including the tetra.

If you want to add salt to your aquarium, avoid using table salt which includes additives such as calcium silicate and iodine. Aquarium salt does not contain these additives, so it is safer for your fish.