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Client Preparation For Court-ordered Custody – Get Mediation

Mediation and custody assessments are essential in controversial custody cases, but clients regularly enter meetings without a basic understanding of the process and the expectations they are expected to meet, and often with inflexible positions in custody arrangements. 

Family advocates, therapists, and parenting educators can help clients move out of established positions, assess their goals, and develop child-centred parenting plans that will guide them through the placement and assessment process and are most beneficial to their children's well-being. You can also use animal rights mediation services if you need the custody of your dog or cat whom you consider as a child. 

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Many custody disputes are resolved through mediation, regardless of whether it is a subsidiary or private practice. Mediation can also be a dress rehearsal to assess custody, because if the case is not resolved in mediation, the assessment process can come next.

The mediator's job is to reduce aggression and get the parties to agree on the best care and care scheme for the child's interests. In mediation, the current state of the parties is of utmost importance, but the history of parenting is also important. 

While some court systems have written policies that allow "advanced" mediation, mediation sessions are often one-off meetings that often last up to 90 minutes, leaving no time to delve into the client's past. Private practice settings offer more flexibility and less time pressure, but the basics of both mediation arrangements are the same.