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Using a Bible Timeline – Five Tips to Power Up Your Bible Study Or Teaching

Your study and teaching have more meaning when you see how it all fits into God's plan for man on earth. That's where the principles taught along with the Bible timeline adds strength and passion to teach you. You see his hand directing all events of the world and set the background of the Bible. You can also get the Bible timeline online available at various online sources.

Here are five steps:

Principle: Most of us know the story included in the Bible is there to teach us principles. Unfortunately we often just take the story when we need to teach or learn the principles and just go for it. 

The Order: The sequence and timing of people and events. Most people do not know how much time elapsed between Adam and Noah, or between Noah and Abraham.

Overlap: What can we get from it? When we really see, using a timeline, Enos, the grandson of Adam's life to be in his 90's Ark and that Noah lived up before Abraham was born we get a jump in sight.

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Other World Events: Most of us have historical pieces circulating in some kind of a blurry mess; like looking out of focus images with less blurring some parts but the image does not make sense. Using a Bible with the history of the World on it also brings everything into sharp focus. 

Why? We see God's hand deal with all his children. A Timeline History of the World Bible gives us that whole view of the world of God's plan.

There are five steps:

1. Teach or learn your principles.

2. Orient stories in time. Placing the order on the timeline.

3. Check to overlap and what it tells us.

4. Consider other events occurring in the world at the same time.

5. Why? See everything as part of God's great plan for man.

Now that is a powerful study and teaching.