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Things That Should Consider When Buying Refrigerated Air Dryers

A compressed air dryer is the standard option if you purchased a dryer and you don't have any special requirements such as a very low dew point.

There are two types of cooling air dryer. Cycling and not cycling. The advantage of a cycling dryer is that it increases or decreases the cooling capacity depending on the amount of air used. This reduces energy consumption and saves money.

Compressed air dryer Refrigeration dryer

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Non-cycling is the most common type and is very reliable and requires the least amount of maintenance

There are several important points to consider when purchasing a refrigerated compressed air dryer.

Maximum pressure: The maximum pressure of the dryer must be equal to or higher than that of your compressor.

Maximum flow: The maximum airflow that can flow through your dryer (in liters/second or cfpm) must be higher than your compressor can deliver. Choosing an air dryer that is too small will result in a large pressure drop on the dryer as it will be difficult for air to pass through).

Inlet temperature: The air dryer has a maximum intake temperature. If this temperature is exceeded, one part of the dryer may be damaged or the dryer may not have sufficient capacity to reach the desired dew point.

40 degrees: Without additional cooling, the air would be around 80 degrees Celsius or higher! Check the temperature of the compressed air coming out of your compressor.