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Detail Value Of SAFe

Values of orientation, built-in quality, transparency, and application implementation represent the basic beliefs which are crucial to SAFe's effectiveness. These guiding principles assist dictate behavior and activity for everyone who participates in a secure portfolio. You can click here to know more about the Safe agile.


  • SAFe relies on four principal bodies of information: Agile growth, lean product development, systems thinking, and DevOps. This makes SAFe wide, profound, and scaleable. However, at its center, SAFe puts the maximum value on four items: orientation, built-in quality, transparency, and application implementation. 
  • Below are a few of the ways how SAFe supports alignment: Alignment begins with the plan and investment choices in the Portfolio level and can be represented within Strategic Themes, Portfolio Vision, along with the Portfolio Backlog. 
  • Subsequently, this informs that the Vision, Roadmap, and the backlogs in all levels of SAFe. Continuous Exploration with Client Centricity and Layout. 
  • All work is observable, debated, solved, and transparent. Alignment is supported by clear lines of material ability, beginning with all the portfolio and then resting mainly using the merchandise and Option Management functions, and extending into the Product Owner role. PI Aims and Iteration Goals have been utilized to convey expectations and responsibilities. 
  • Cadence and synchronization are employed to make sure that things remain in alignment, or that they ramble only within a reasonable time and economic bounds. Architectures and consumer experience advice and governance help make certain that the remedy is technologically strong, robust, and scalable. 
  • Built-in Quality "Inspection doesn't enhance the quality, nor assure grade. Inspection is too late. The quality, bad or good, is currently in the item. Quality cannot be inspected into a product or service; it has to be built to it.