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Shopping Smart For Camping Tents

First, you have to decide what kind of camp you will do. If you go backpacking or car camping? Car Camping is where you pull your car to the base camp. You can find more about military tents via

If you are backpacking it goes without saying that you will want a lightweight tent as you can find and also one that is resistant to weather conditions. For example, if you're camping in the summer climatic conditions then you will prefer to buy a tent which can resist in that weather. Like here in Florida. summertime is our rainy season.

It will rain almost every afternoon here. Do not fret, about 30 minutes after the stop you can go back to what you were doing before. If you decide you want the convenience of a larger tent, and if you need seasons 3-4 or tents every backpacker could lead to some components tent to ease the burden for everyone.

If you are car camping tent then the weight is not a problem for you. Most families do car camping.

You can see their website for information online.  Most have facilities within walking distance, such as bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and even the occasional light meal restaurant.

I will always want to consider, regardless of the type of camp to do is kind of weather you are camping.

As mentioned above, there are three tents this season and the season in April. 4 season tents are heavier than the 3-season. They are made to withstand heavy wind and rain and snow load on them. Usually, if the camp between May and September the station 3 stores to meet their needs.



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