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Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The semi-automatic capsule line is equipped with an automatic capsule conveying system which transports fully filled capsules from a semi-automatic capsule filling machine or to a location where the capsules will be transported to the capsule polishing machine.

The process is fully automatic without human hand interaction with a pump that sucks and moves the filled capsule. You can visit to buy semi automatic capsule filler online.

The polishing chamber consists of a rotating spiral brush which removes dust particles from the surface of the capsule after being fed. This chamber is also connected to a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust free and cleans the chamber.

The semi-automatic capsule filling line also consists of an empty capsule release. It checks whether the capsule is full or not and discards the empty capsule due to a machine error. The capsules are removed due to the force of air applied to the capsules.

Defective capsule sorter removes diametrically distorted capsules from the batch and only allows perfectly sized capsules to pass through. It is part of a semi-automatic capsule filling machine and supplies only proportional and large capsules.

The entire semi-automatic capsule filler setup is quite simple. Initially, the capsules are transferred into a funnel, varying in size from 00 to 5. The powder is again transferred in a separate funnel driven by a corkscrew, which ensures that each capsule is continuously filled. This process also uses a vacuum suction device to sort the capsules separately and then insert them into the loading ring.

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