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Requirement Of Sorting Gate For Cows

Dairy farmers must work closely with their veterinarian to help develop treatment protocols, providing oversight for the proper use of medication, and monitor the success of treatment. Further information about the role of the veterinarian in dairy farming can be found in LIC Agriculture Automation Automation Sensor Technology and Milk. 

intramammary antibiotic tube is the most common treatment for mild and moderate mastitis cases and is usually given without knowing the type of bacteria causing the infection (Hoe and Ruegg, 2006; Oliveira and Ruegg 2014). Mastitis cases in which the immune system has cleared the bacteria from cow (negative cultures) often do not benefit from using antibiotics (Smith et al., 1985). However, the sample-negative bacteria can occur when cattle remain infected but the number of bacteria shed less than the detection limit of the laboratory. In some cases, antibiotic treatment may be beneficial.

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In the United States, only two products intramammary (mastitis tube) labeled for E coli. Most cases of E. coli mastitis are mild and moderate heal spontaneously (without treatment), and it is difficult to justify the overall use of antibiotics for this case (Suojala et al, 2010; .. Suojala et al, 2013). In addition, there is usually no difference in the treatment of cows with E. coli mastitis in cows not treated and antibiotics (Pyorala, 1988 ;. Pyorala et al, 1994 ;. Lago et al, 2011; Suojala et al, 2013). A New York study found greater bacteriological cure for clinical mastitis caused by gram-negative pathogens treated using ceftiofur intramammary (Spectramast LC ™); However, the treatment does not alter the somatic cell count (SCC) or lactation milk production in the remaining (Schukken et al., 2011).

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