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Repairing Methods Of Foundation Cracks

Cracks generally occur on the walls of the basements and are basically of two types one is horizontal and another one is vertical. Cracking can also happen because of overload and drying contractions. Repairing of foundation cracks (also described as Réparation de fissures de fondation) that will put the stop on it from scattering.

Repairing Method

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If you also facing a problem of foundation cracks and wants to repair them, so you can follow these methods that are mentioned below and protect the integrity of your homes.

Epoxy Injection:

  • Epoxy injection is the most frequent method to repair fissures in the concrete of foundation walls and is well-known for robustness, greater grip, low contraction and resistance to chemicals and water.
  • This process involves cleaning up the area and eliminates loose-fitting material with a chisel.
  • It also helps in prevention from increasing in dimension and from humidity to penetrate into the concrete.


  • The carbon fiber Kevlar rope is installed to seal and avoid movement of fissures. This lightweight rope has the adequate force and is convenient to work.
  • It is used in juxtaposition from the epoxy injection to fix walls that have cracks.


  • The purpose to use it to amplify the deepness or width of the foundation in order that it can support the heaviness of the structure in an improved way.
  • Groundwork also brings into play for houses that are built on generous soil, such as clay. When the clay gets wet it bloats up, and it contracts when it dries.

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