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Organic vs Non-Organic Foods Who Wins?


Two of the most popular type of foods produced are organic and inorganic. But when it comes to choosing a winner, it is difficult. There are those who prefer non-organic while organic food is preferred by others. In order to see who wins this battle, it is important to understand a few differences between the 2

Organic Food- Producing organic food usually depends on compost and manure which are considered as natural compounds. Moreover, organic foods use chemicals either in very little amount or nothing at all. When it comes to the method, crop rotation, tilling, mulching and hand wedding are used. And when it comes to getting rid of pests; traps, insects and birds are used.

Non-Organic Food- Producing non-organic food relies on the use of chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, herbicides etc. These chemicals are also used to remove insects, pests, weeds etc.

When it comes to deciding a winner, these are some of the advantages of organic food over inorganic.

  • Since organic foods are produced by the use of natural compounds, it allows the soil to remain fertile for the longer time.
  • Due to the use of very little or no chemicals, water is saved, pollution is less, energy is conserved.
  • The nutrient levels are found more in organic foods for a better flavor and benefits to the health.
  • Organic farming technique allows the animals to grow naturally without relying on the use of hormones, chemicals etc, on the animals.

Many stores are now selling organic food in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

Eunice Bryan

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