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Know More About Root Canal Therapy

Many people have to undergo root canal therapy due to the death of the nerve, which is in the interior hollow portion of the tooth.

The tooth is hollow when it erupts and contains nerve tissue, blood vessels and cells which deposit calcium on the inside of the pulp chamber and in the extension of the pulp chamber along with the roots. You can get more information regarding root canal treatment via cedarcreekdentistry.

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A tooth can die for a number of reasons. One is deep decay, this is potentially the most serious as it can lead to infection and requires immediate treatment, combined with antibiotics, to fight infection.

A tooth that is subject to a heavy blow can die as a consequence, it is not infected; but, the body will send white blood cells to rid the tooth of dead or dying tissue. The end of the root will become engorged with blood causing an abscess which is painful.

This case usually does not require antibiotics as there is not a bacterial involvement. In many cases, deep fillings can cause calcification of the pulp chamber.

This can result in a constriction of the blood vessels in the tooth, leading to the loss of vitality of the soft tissues in the tooth. This again results in an increase in white blood cells at the root ends.

These white blood cells also remove dead tissue. When a patient presents with a sore tooth the dentist must ensure that a proper diagnosis is given. A sore tooth may not mean a need for a root canal treatment. Some teeth are cold-sensitive due to gum recession, which exposes the roots of the teeth.