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Interesting Facts About Possums

Possums are mammals, specifically marsupials which invade your privacy by entering your home. They are mostly known as scavengers and for an understandable reason. Their very unspecialized and basic biology, flexible diet, and the reproductive system makes them very successful and rapid colonizers and allows them to survive in a wide range of locations and conditions.

Consequently, possums are a popular pest problem for many provincial and city areas people. To get rid of possum you need to call possum control in Sydney. They dig up lawns and gardens, search through garbage cans, tear through home siding, eat any outdoor food, find access inside properties, get into crawl spaces, nest in attics, and many more.

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The amount of destruction they can create is endless, and the longer they are staying, the more destruction they can do. They live in woodlands, agricultural areas, urban, rural, and suburban areas. They have 50 very sharp teeth. They are not aggressive by nature but can appear very menacing. They are one of the earth's oldest surviving mammals.

They are usually nomadic and solitary, staying in one place until the water and food run out. When injured or threatened, they will play dead by resting frozen and purporting to be dead. When threatened, they may also growl, belch, urinate, or excrete.

They are crepuscular and nocturnal mammals. They are marsupials and pouch their juvenile. Yes, just like kangaroos! They are incredible climbers. 

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