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Hydraulic Motors For All Repairs

Hydraulic motors are driven by hydraulic pumps and are ideal for operating a number of different systems on a piece of equipment using the same motor and pump system. The basic premise or operation of all hydraulic systems is the same, it is what is known as a closed-loop system that allows a pressure level to be built up within the system, which in turns provides torque or force to move parts.

The compact size and high torque produced by hydraulic motors makes them perfect in a wide variety of applications. They are used in vehicles as well as in elevators and heavy equipment.

The motors can be very small to huge in size and multiple motors and pumps can be sequenced together to produce constant high pressures required in manufacturing, construction and fabrication types of applications. Getting the right Design AND manufacture of hydraulic system for the job is essential to ensure you have the power you need when you need it.

The hydraulic motors are also rated in several other ways as well. This will include the displacement of the motor, which can be fixed or variable. Displacement, in general, refers to the volume of the hydraulic fluid that is required to turn the shaft of the motor, which is what provides the mechanical power of the motor.

Generally, this is measured in inches cubed or centimeters cubed. The higher the displacement the more liquid that is required but also the more power generated. Fixed displacement motors have the same torque at all motor speeds. A variable displacement motor allows for different speeds and torque, which allows the motor to adjust output based on the load on the system.

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