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How To Take Care Of Your Excavator?

An Excavator is a costly machine, You must take care of that. To help you, here are some ways you can take care of the shovel:

Manufacturer's Instructions

For safety features, controls, instrumentation, service points and service hours must go through the manufacturer's manual. The manual is usually stored in the cab of the excavator. By reading the manual, you will know how to take care of your shovel. Also, whenever it seems some problems with your excavator, do not go with the replacement of the whole instead of the specific Komatsu excavator parts.

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Fluid verification and lubricants

Before starting work, you should check the fluids, including hydraulic fluid, coolant and engine oil. If one of the fluids are below the normal level, you have to refill as instructed by the manufacturer. When you recharge, you must pay attention to the classification and viscosity of the operating environment.

In addition to fluids, you should also consider the lubrication of a shovel. Generally, you should regularly lubricate the shovel while putting into consideration the application and temperature that the machine will work. For best results, you should use the lithium-based multi-purpose grease to lubricate moving parts, including blades, buckets, arms, cylinders, and supporting members killed.


An excavator has different types of filters that have different service intervals. When a filter is dirty or clogged completely, it tends to greatly affect the performance of the excavator. It also affects the sensitive parts. Many excavators come with indicators that signal you when you need to replace the filters. While it is good to replace filters as regularly as possible, you should avoid replacing them before the necessary time. This avoids contaminating the system.





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