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How to Choose the Best Stucco Contractor

If stucco is involved in your home improvement project, you'll want to make sure that you hire the right contractor for the job who also does work such as installing stucco, which is not as common as other contracting duties.

– Get Multiple Bids: You need to secure multiple bids in order to select the best option for your needs. You need to weigh all factors, including price, experience, referrals, and more before selecting the company you will hire. You can also contact the best Edmonton Stucco Repair Company for the best stucco contractor.

– There should be a Guarantee: When you get the bids, make sure to ask if the work will be guaranteed once it is completed. A quality contractor will stand firmly behind their work. If the labor and material are not covered by some form of guarantee, you should quickly move on to the next bid. 

– Keep It Clean: Stucco can be a messy business. Make sure there is a plan in place to protect the rest of your property from the mess that can be made when stucco is put in. 

– Call References: All contractors should have references, and it is no different for those who work in stucco. Don't just ask for references, however – be sure to call at least a couple of them to inquire as to the quality of work that they received. 

– Everything in Writing: It doesn't matter if someone 'seems' trustworthy or not – get everything in writing before a project starts. This contract is meant to protect both parties. 


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