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How Is A Waffle Pod Slab Built?

The waffle pod slab is recommended and used by many leading structural engineers and is used exclusively by most of the builders. You can search the durable waffle pod slab design online for your home construction.

Waffle sheets are becoming increasingly popular in construction projects because they can be transported to a construction site in a number of ways, including: prefabricated or cast on site. Ready-made waffle boards usually cost more than the other two options.

The monolithically poured concrete forms a flat top, while the rectangular lattice at the bottom forms deep concrete blocks, the blocks resembling waffle bags spread out at right angles. The support column should be placed in the center at a standard distance of 9 m.

Whether the product is assembled, cast on site or prefabricated, it should serve the same purpose in commercial, industrial and residential projects. Wafer sheets are not recommended for highly reactive clay sites (classes H1 and H2), as the requirements for good drainage can hardly be met.

Waferboard should work best on flat (or nearly flat) surfaces, with natural floors or controlled fills that have good surface strength and where the natural surface of the floor falls off the outside of the building and in all the same directions. They work perfectly in non-reactive locations, weakly reactive clay sites, and some moderately reactive clay sites.

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