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How Bariatric Bed Can Help You

The branch of medicine dealing with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity is called Bariatric. The term came into use around the year 1965. Bariatric Surgery, in common terms known as weight loss surgery, is done on patients with obesity.

This is accomplished by reducing the size of the stomach through the removal of a part of the stomach or resecting and re-routing the small -intestine of the patient to a small stomach pouch. You can buy a bariatric bed like regia partner bed if needed.

 The word bariatrics originates from two Greek words – 'Baros' which means weight and 'Iatrics' which means treatment. It also deals with behavioral therapy, exercises, and dieting.

Obesity is a major problem in many countries now and it is necessary for bariatric patients to have a right Bariatric Bed. Bariatric beds, used mostly in hospitals for the hospitalized bariatric patients and also, for those bed-ridden bariatric patients who are receiving health care at their homes.

They are specifically designed beds for bariatric patients that help them by supporting them by providing comfort and ease during their recovery from surgery or sickness. The most commonly used sizes in bariatric beds are 42, 48, 54, and 60-inch widths. The standard length of these beds ranges from 80-84 inches.

For bariatric beds, there are bariatric mattresses. These mattresses are tailor-made for the patients. It is very different from a normal mattress in the fact bariatric mattress is designed especially for obese persons. The material used in these mattresses is of extremely strong materials.

They have more durability than normal mattresses for the person using them. It's mostly made up f high-density foam, that can withstand the excess amount of pressure all through the day.

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