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Handling A Raccoon Infestation

The evidence of the raccoon’s presence is not very difficult to find. Raccoons left clear instructions that provide their presence. Pawprints, feces, rummaging through garbage, and more are all signs that indicate you may have a raccoon in or around your house.

It's important to call Los Angeles wildlife removal & trapping services when you are faced with the possibility of a raccoon problem. Raccoons are intelligent creatures and mischievous tireless when it comes to hunting for food and shelter.

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If the raccoon was still out, so use this time to keep them with basic raccoon prevention. Continue reading to learn how to deal with a raccoon infestation, inside and outside of your home.

Raccoon on your property

Raccoons will leave a trail of clues, providing you with information about their habits and nesting sites. Pawprints are a great indication of the raccoon invasion. If you find some, try to check out the trail and see where it leads.

Raccoon in the attic or On the Roof

Raccoons are known to chew through electrical wires in the attic, dig roof shingles, soak ceilings and walls with urine, and breed in the crawl space. Once you realize that there is a raccoon in your home, you should call the elimination of raccoon and control professional company immediately.

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