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Get Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels use solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaics PV for short abbreviated. PV is one of the two main methods used to harness solar energy.

Other methods are known as solar thermal. Namely, solar heat used in concentrating solar power plants where electricity is made using solar radiation and heat. You can buy high-quality photovoltaic system at

The heat created from solar thermal collectors is then used for heating a liquid to produce steam and in turn, move the turbine to produce electricity.

Here is a brief overview of how solar photovoltaic panels work:

1. The sun's rays strike the surface of the solar cell.

2. The light hits loose electrons, creating an imbalance of electrons.

3. The electrons then move from the rear to the front side of a solar cell.

This flow of electrons is what we know and are used as 'electric'. Some solar cells can be connected to what is known as 'modules'. Some modules are created to form an 'array'.

A PV system is suitable for both the northern and southern climates because it depends on the amount and intensity of the sun, not the amount of heat like a fellow who uses the sun's heat.

Although the light intensity does not upsurge as you get nearer to the equator, there are many people who get great use of photovoltaic systems in the northern latitudes.

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