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General Safety Rules in Chemistry Labs

Safety rules are the most important when working in a laboratory and especially in a chemical laboratory. Chemical laboratories must always comply with safety rules, because chemicals used in chemical laboratories pose a risk to professionals.

With the help of appropriate laboratory safety equipment, we can avoid the possibility of accidents and losses. And you may also  get proper lab safety training to ensure everything is going well.

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Here are some basic safety rules to keep in mind when working in a chemical laboratory.

Most accidents in chemical laboratories are caused by inappropriate clothing. People spill acid on themselves, notes or others and burn themselves. Long and loose clothing is strictly prohibited in the laboratory.

Long hair must be tied back. It is recommended to wear lab coats and glasses when working in a chemical laboratory.

Every chemical that you use in a laboratory must be equipped with a safety data sheet (MSDS). We must follow recommendations for the safe use and disposal of materials.

Never use a dropper with your mouth. You may not be aware of the health effects of this chemical. All laboratory equipment must be handled properly.

It is very important for you to know how to use safety equipment in a laboratory that is stored in your laboratory. You need to know the location of this device, e.g. fire extinguishers, showers, fire blankets, eye wash and more.

Do not deviate from the instructions when working with chemicals. You must be careful when mixing chemicals. Don't mix them arbitrarily, because that can have serious consequences.

Eunice Bryan

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