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Environmentally Friendly Hemp and Wise Choice

Hemp clothing is a new trend that is increasingly in demand worldwide. If you are looking for something environmentally friendly and fashionable, then hemp clothing can be the best choice to satisfy your desires. Although the use of cotton clothing is far more than hemp research shows growing and using it to replace cotton can be economically and environmentally beneficial too.

Industrial cannabis production can be very profitable because cotton does not produce economic, health, and environmental benefits for both producers and users. Read more information about hemp, by clicking at CBD Oil or shop or gummies, and Vape Oil Review & Buying By Trusted CBD Guide.

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Let's look at what benefits we can get from industrial hemp production from the perspective of the producer.

  • Hemp production can be very economical and profitable because it does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • It can harvest 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more than hemp.
  • This is the best renewable plant known to man as a rotational plant, unlike cotton and silk.
  • It takes around 3,500 liters of water for irrigation, while cotton needs 20,000 liters.
  • An acre of trees over 20 years old can produce as much pulp as can be processed in an area of about 6 months.
  • The paper can be recycled 7 to 8 times compared to wood pulp paper.
  • The seeds can be used for protein supplements, massage oils, cooking ingredients.
  • Hemp is also a good source of fuel because when it is cultivated on an area of one hectare it can produce around 3500 liters of fuel which can replace the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

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