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Dog Kennels For Pick Up Trucks

When you live and hunt, a big decision-maker is when choosing a particular dog crate or kennel for your puppy or dogs. Another thing to keep in mind while researching is the safety of the kennel on the back of the truck.

There are many different types of portable and semi-portable dog kennels that would do well in the bed of a pickup truck. An aluminum dog box is ideal for transport. Find boxes for your dog with us and take your darling safely with you in the car.

Dog Kennels

The following are all good solutions for hounding. The first is wire crates which are very popular when raising puppies. These crates are open and usually a little light on construction as they are primarily intended for indoor use. They can be used and secured with a cord or bungee. 

The open mesh designs of these boxes do not protect for the cold months and do not make good solutions for use in a pickup truck with their construction. 

Then there is the plastic dog kennel which is made of two plastic parts together with wired air vents and steel plate doors. The doors are secure and most have a locking device for extra security. 

The plastic dog kennel provides good protection from the elements due to its closed construction. Most of these kennels are approved for airline travel, so you know that they are a good solution for your pick up. Most have a place to tie the crate down. 

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